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A Message About...
This video is actually from 2013, I did not just get back from the hospital right now. But I felt this was an important video and message to have out there so I decided to put it up here too....
Added: 3 hours ago
Added by: IidoTheFox
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Minecraft Survival...
This is the first video I have made in my own Survival world. In fact, this is actually my first ever Survival world in Minecraft. This is separate from either of the ZippCast MC servers. Been...
Added: 16 hours ago
Added by: NJP
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Back to the Future...
They’ve saved the biggest trip for last as the most popular time-traveling movie trilogy ever comes to a rousing conclusion in Back to the Future Part III! Stranded in 1955 after a freak...
Added: 19 hours ago
Added by: scifiguy47
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Auto Profit Replicator
http://youtu.be/EvFQ7R5OoyE Check this video and learn why Auto Profit Replicator software is so good for your binary options trading. This is the best Auto Profit Replicator Review that i saw...
Added: 23 hours ago
Added by: scofieldm873
Views: 7
Stick Man Slam 6
The stick is back once more in another short animation created using Adobe Flash CS6. Now featuring DBZ sounds!

Volume Level High! Sorry Guys :(

Est. Work Time: 12.5 Hrs...
Added: 2 days ago
Added by: lokivii
Views: 18
Back to the Future...
Getting back was only the beginning as the most spectacular time-travel adventure ever continues in Back to the Future Part II — the sequel that proves that lightning can strike twice! Picking up...
Added: 2 days ago
Added by: scifiguy47
Views: 3
Chobits - 23 - Chi...
Hideki and Chi help Shinbo move out of the apartment to live with Ms. Shimizu (who is now married to him). Then they arrive at Minoru's house, where he is trying to find information on Chobits....
Added: 2 days ago
Added by: Anime_Zone
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Brotaku's Watch...
Sorry for the lapse in Uploads, I got ill, but I am better now and uploads will continue :D, and a new "series" is about to uploaded/archived here on Zippcast so look forward to that! :D...
Added: 2 days ago
Added by: BrotakuTV
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Dukect lounge:AJ vs...
Today on the Dukect Lounge I get into the Twitter War AJ Lee and Stephanie McMahon got into because of how the WWE treats its Female wrestlers. And also it seems that Rey mysterio is now gone from...
Added: 3 days ago
Added by: Dukect
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Duran Duran - Save A...
You saw me standing by the old
Corner of the main street
And the lights are flashing on your window sill
All alone ain't much fun
So you're looking for the thrill
And you know just...
Added: 3 days ago
Added by: Outerlimits
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Scorpions - We Built...
Love is the glue that holds us together
Faith and believing is the key, this door of forever
Baby You and I
We're every reason on earth
Now and again it's always us against the world...
Added: 3 days ago
Added by: Outerlimits
Views: 14
USAF Weapons School...
A news clip showcasing the F-35 Lightning II Jet Fighter, now being trained on by United States Air Force pilots at Nellis Air Force Base.
Added: 3 days ago
Added by: VideoBasement
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