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K-Rations Food for...
An informational newsreel from 1943 about the famed United States K-Ration, one of the largest and best-designed standardized military ration sets used by any country during World War Two.
Added: 3 weeks ago
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H&K USP45 Suppressed
Pistol is an HK USP45 with HK threaded Bbl and SWR Octane 45HD Suppressors
Added: 2 months ago
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Views: 33
One small step for...
The famous words uttered by Neil Armstrong.
I don't own this video(obviously). I downloaded it from Nasas' official site and I converted it to an MP4.

This video...
Added: 4 months ago
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Views: 2
Charlton Heston -...
Charlton Heston - Right to Bear Arms
Added: 5 months ago
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Green Day American...
One of the best songs of the 2000's! In fact my 2nd favorite song from this century! My 20th favorite song of all time! The next video will be uploaded 4-5 hours later!
Added: 6 months ago
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The Forgein Random...
Zinc Lablanc now runs a show showing his richest riches! I must say, though, he doesn't seem to be very nice to his employees, but he'll probbaly neuter me if I told him that......
Added: 7 months ago
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Views: 22
Hellas-Coat Of Arms
A video showing what Greeks have fought throughout the years
Added: 7 months ago
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Views: 10
BIA Hell's...
Full game title: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

This small video-streaming website not only offers REAL HD, but also more than 30 frames per second!

BAD HD Quality Here:...
Added: 7 months ago
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Views: 28
Spyro 2 Soundtrack...
Sorry for the lack of videos recently...
I'm working on the PS1 Collection video! It will take days to finish just cuz i never made a commentary before! The reason why i takes so long to...
Added: 8 months ago
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Views: 34
To Die In Your Arms...
Added: 9 months ago
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Views: 26
Smokie - Lay back in...
Smokie - Lay back in the arms of someone - 1977
Added: 10 months ago
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Views: 65

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