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Space Shuttle Documentary
Space Shuttle...
A NASA Documentary on the Space Shuttle Program, from development, it's operational history, it's discoveries, and it's legacy to the future. Narrated by William Shatner of Star Trek...
Added: 2 months ago
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BioShock Infinite...
An informational video from Irrational Games about the Motorized Patriot enemy in Bioshock Infinite.
Added: 5 months ago
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Views: 92
Paranoia over a...
Originally uploaded on Youtube this is talking about my thoughts and two cents about Sony's fallout, cancellation of the film The Interview, and North Korea! Enjoy, peeps!!
Added: 2 days ago
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BioShock Infinite...
The Bioshock Infinite Team detail the unique and terrifying enemy 'The Boys of Silence' and the unique challenge they pose to players.
Added: 1 month ago
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