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Anna Jantar - Nic...
Anna Jantar was a Polish pop singer. Born Anna Maria Szmeterling, she got her start with the song
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I Hate 1080p and...
I miss the 2006 youtube when the player was 4:3 and videos where 240p I was completely fine with the way the player etc was in 2006-07 but youtube changed it in the later part of 2008 to be 16:9...
Added: 16 hours ago
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Everyone is a...
Here's My Twitter:
My ZippCast:

This channel is a Gaming Channel where I post silly and once in awhile...
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A CD You Need in...
this is real music.
Technodrome 1 one of the best CD's ever.
Added: 4 days ago
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♥♡♥Taiga and...
Creator's Info: I absolutely love this song even if I really hate Taylor Swift. It's the only song I like from her. I thought I could use it because I saw some videos with it. I...
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Some Dumb Video of...
Normally, I wouldn't upload a video this inane, boring, and just plain pointless. However, it's my second channel, so I can pretty much post what I want no matter how insipid it is....
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Somewhere - The Best...
Somewhere - The Best Duet Ever
Somewhere featuring Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation and the Gathering's Anneke van Giersbergen with The Metropole Orchestra and the Pa'dam...
Added: 1 week ago
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My First Video Ever...
I recorded this in 2006 when I was 8 years old. Explains my high ass voice. :D
Added: 2 weeks ago
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The Best Party Ever
Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Mickey Rooney in
Added: 2 weeks ago
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XtremeMusik - Humming
Music by me.
Added: 2 weeks ago
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FL Studio (DJ...
Test was by me.

Software edited by DJ SonicFreak.
Added: 2 weeks ago
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Metallica - Wherever...
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam (Official Video In HD)- DJ RANDY
Added: 2 weeks ago
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