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Joined: March 01, 2014
Last Login: October 23, 2014
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Country: United States

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Louis Gualtieri Jr

Yeup! Thats right... its me! :D lol


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Hello! Welcome to the M:4K channel!



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Nice work on bringing back something great and something I had thought had gone many years ago. It's nice to have the real video sharing site back. It's going to take me weeks but I hope to have all my videos uploaded to this site.

Keep up the great work.


4 days ago
Nice to be here and wishing you a some great day . Deryle


6 days ago
@StarDreamer your welcome!
1 week ago
Thanks for all ZippCast !


1 week ago
@Farted, thank you for your kind words.
1 week ago
@StarDreamer what a plonker you really are
1 week ago
I hope so Zippcast stays open this time.... I spent a lot of time uploading a lot of great videos last time, only to see them wipes in an instant. Welcome Back Louis and the guys
1 week ago
Can't get my channel to show my videos downloaded no matter what I do!
How do I get the box on like yours on top?
1 week ago
@Farted. if you want me to believe your statements,you better close your channel on here, because you obviously made an effort to be on here and enjoy it for some reason. And about you looking back to the past .. Your choice, but better not get stuck there. Finally, did you ever get a reply from anyone from YT about any of your concerns or ideas? No? I already thought so . YT is yesterday's papers. .
1 week ago
@Farted The past is in the past and that is the reason why some have no future. When you focus on the past it effects ones ability to work toward the future. We are in a much much better position we have ever been. In the process of building a data center, investors, more activity than we have ever had in the past combined. I can sit here and simply prove you wrong all day long but I simply do not have the time. Enjoy your day here.
1 week ago

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