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Louis Gualtieri Jr

Yeup! Thats right... it me! :D lol


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Hello! Welcome to the M:4K channel!



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read the update and its great!!!
1 hour ago
I just read today's update. Thanks again for your continued effort on the site, all of you! I'm eager to see it grow even more! The forums will certainly be a welcome addition to a forum-lover like myself, haha. Can't wait to give that a go.


2 days ago
Hi Zippcast :^)
2 days ago
Perhaps a recommendation that has been given before: when the featured vid is not on autoplay, it shows "black" on the channel. Sometimes I do not want my featured vid to be on autoplay all the time, but I do not like a black box on my channel either. Thx for looking into it and have a nice Sunday and new week!
3 days ago
First comment on hear, it all looks great so far, would there be any chance of being able to use a gif as a profile picture or not? Ive attempted to set one but it won't work. Am I doing it wrong or is it not possible?
4 days ago
I have found two errors. + You can't go to use the arrows on the video categories to change page because it takes you to /videos/category/random/page# instead of /categories/category/random/page# +If you are on the community part you can't use the search bar because it keeps the URL with support.zi... at the beginning.
1 week ago
thx for make this website


1 week ago
I forgot to mention, I set up my Q&A video, so Zippcast users can ask me questions.
1 week ago
Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63. No joke.
1 week ago
Hey Zippcast team, as reported some days ago and when you have time, could some-one fix the banner flaw? It looks kind of odd and even if I use other images, it still stays screwed.. Thx so much and have a good day.
2 weeks ago

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